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3m x 3m Marquee Frame



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Quick Overview

3x3m replacement frame.

Before purchasing, please ensure the 3x3m roof you have is also from Canopy Outdoor, as our frame is not compatible with other canopy brands. Not 100% sure? Refer to the specs below, otherwise, contact us to confirm.


This is a replacement frame for a 3x3m marquee. Ensure the 3x3m roof you have is also from Canopy Outdoor, as our frame is not compatible with other canopy brands.

What's Included

  • Frame only

No additional accessories are included. If you require carry bags, pegs and ropes, or additional accessories, please visit our accessories page here.

Comparing Frame Options

Weekender / 30 series

The Weekender is our entry level frame. It is the lightest frame in weight, but still made from 2mm thick aluminium to maintain strength and durability. This frame can last many, many years if used correctly and stored well. Ideal for people that don't want to buy a 'cheapie', but only require their marquee for the odd occasion or recreational use. It is not recommended for people who need to use their marquee on a weekly basis.

Expedition / 45 series

A little more budget friendly than the Circulex, the Expedition is a good introduction into the realm of heavy duty marquees. While the weight of this frame increases, so does the offer of strength and stability, enabling it to handle moderate weather conditions. While this frame can be used on a frequent basis, it is not ideal to leave up long term.


The top of the range, commercial grade frame. If you are using your marquee on a weekly basis or more, or, if you are frequenting areas that face tough weather conditions, the Circulex is designed to be the ultimate solution. With it's unique circular profile, the frame can handle being left up as a semi-permanent installation, but under very strict installation guidelines. Please speak with us first if you are looking to leave your marquee up for many days at a time, or longer.


I need to replace my frame. How do I know what size it is?

It is not uncommon for people to assume they have a 3x3m, when they in fact have a 2.4x2.4m. The best way to check your marquee size is to open up your frame all the way, and measure the longest side of your marquee from leg to leg. The measurements will be very close to either 2.4m, 3m, 4m or 4.5m.

If you are able to source the tax invoice of your original purchase, that will also help you confirm the size. You can always give us a call if you are unsure.

How can I get my frame to last longer?

There are many things you can do to help contribute to the longevity of your frame, here are a few key points:

  1. You need to ensure you are buying the right frame for your use. Many people buy their frame based on price, but you can't buy a PC and expect it to function like a Mac (or vice versa)! The same goes with marquee frames.
  2. Use leg weights and tie downs! All marquees are still portable structures and regardless of frame strength or size, they are vulnerable to the day's weather conditions. You wouldn't drive your car without insurance, so don't use a frame without weights.
  3. Set up on level ground. As frames are portable structures, they can't compensate for uneven ground. This makes the stress points on your frame vulnerable to damage.
  4. Avoid rough handling and excessive force. Don't yank pull pins, stand on foot plates, or force a frame to open/close. See what is causing the resistance; sometimes it is the canopy top, a connector is still locked in place, or sometimes there is too much pressure on one side of the frame e.g. all the weight of the marquee is on one extended leg.
  5. Store the frame somewhere safe and secure the marquee during transport. If the frame is dropped, or is sliding around and hits/is hit by other blunt objects, that can damage your frame.
  6. Lastly, don't leave your marquee up in a storm. If no one wants to be outside in those conditions, then that is a good indication that the marquee should be taken down.

I don't have a Canopy Outdoor roof, but the frame looks similar. Can I purchase this for my marquee?

No. While these frames may look similar to other brands, the constructions are different and they will not work with any other brand other than Canopy Outdoor.

Can I send you my marquee for repairs?

Yes we can offer repair services at our warehouse (pick up/drop off only). Please contact us to arrange estimated costs and a formal inspection.



Additional information

Weight 17-32 kg
Metal Type


Marquee Size

3m x 3m

Frame Model

Weekender (30 series), Expedition (45 series), Circulex


Stock Item

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