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3m x 6m Plain Folding Marquee



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Quick Overview

The 3x6m is great larger sized marquees. Suitable for catering functions, trade shows, product launches and more. Available in the Weekender, Metro, Expedition, and Circulex frames.

This package includes:

  • Frame
  • Top
  • Carry Bag
  • Pegs
  • Ropes

If you have any questions, check out our detailed description below, or call us on 1300 94 69 92, Australia wide.

STOCK NOTICE: Due to COVID, we have had to change fabric suppliers. This has resulted in a mix of our standard colour 'Navy' and 'Green' polyester fabrics. Please contact us first if you are looking to buy navy or green polyester.

Black (+20%)
Royal Blue (+20%)
Green (+20%)
Light Blue (+20%)
Yellow (+20%)
Orange (+20%)
Pink (+20%)
Red (+20%)
Maroon (+20%)
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The 3x6m is a popular choice for catering style events and trade shows. If weather conditions are ever a major concern, consider buying two 3x3m marquees instead. The smaller the size, the more structural integrity the marquee has.

The frame is made in a concertina design, so when the legs are drawn backwards, the marquee’s frame simply “pops up”. Once the marquee’s frame is open to full size, the legs of the frame are extended up to the desired height. This means that within a matter of minutes, the marquee can be set up and ready to use.


Included With Each Marquee Package

Our marquees are bundled into standard packages that are ready to use straight out of the box.

These kits include:

  • 1 x Frame
  • 1 x Roof
  • 1 x Heavy duty carry bag
  • 1 x Set of durable pegs & strong ropes
  • 1 x An instruction manual
  • OPTIONAL EXTRA - Wall kits (to cover three sides)
  • OPTIONAL EXTRA - Sand bag weights or cast iron weights (recommended)
  • OPTIONAL EXTRA - Custom printing

Our Different Frames

Over the years we have developed a few different frame strength options to satisfy different needs. Some people demand the best, others just need something that suits their use and their budget. We have something for everyone!


Weekender / 30 series

The Weekender is our entry level frame. It is the lightest frame in weight, but still made from 2mm thick aluminium to maintain strength and durability. This frame can last many, many years if used correctly and stored well.

The Weekender frame is ideal for:

  • Recreational use
  • Light weather conditions
  • Setting up solo (can be done but not recommended)

The Weekender frame is not ideal for:

  • Frequent use
  • Semi-permanent/permanent use
  • Regular exposure to tough weather  (i.e. strong winds, torrential rain)

Expedition / 45 series

A little more budget friendly than the Circulex, the Expedition is a good introduction into the realm of heavy duty marquees. While the weight of this frame increases, so does the offer of strength and stability.

The Expedition frame is ideal for:

  • Weekly/monthly use
  • Moderate weather conditions
  • People needing something more heavy duty

The Expedition frame is not ideal for:

  • Daily use
  • Semi-permanent/permanent use
  • Frequent exposure to tough weather  (i.e. strong winds, torrential rain)


The top of the range, commercial grade frame. If you are using your marquee on a weekly basis or more, or, if you are frequenting areas that face tough weather conditions, the Circulex is designed to be the ultimate solution.

The Circulex frame is ideal for:

  • Frequent use (multiple times a week)
  • Harsher weather environments
  • Semi-permanent installations (combined with a 100% PVC roof). Please speak with us first if you are looking to leave your marquee up for many days at a time
  • People wanting the strongest, toughest possible marquee

The Circulex frame is not ideal for:

  • Permanent use - marquees are portable structures and not designed to be left up permanently
  • Stormy conditions
  • Setting up solo - especially if you have any physical conditions or struggle lifting heavy weights

Fabric Options

We have two primary fabrics to choose from: Polyester and 100% PVC. Both fabric options will fit the frame in their equivalent size. Our roofs are 100% waterproof, 99.9% UV blocking, Fire ratedWaterproof rated and UV rated.


For 3x6m Polyester marquees, the available colours are: Black, White, Navy, Green, Yellow, and Red.

Polyester is ideal for:

  • Regular use
  • Quick set up and install (top can be left on the frame)

For 3x6m 100% PVC marquees (Circulex only), the available colours are: White. Made to order colours are available for 100% PVC, allow 2-3 weeks for manufacturing. Contact us to see our full range of PVC colours!

100% PVC is ideal for:

  • Semi-permanent use (i.e. using as a temporary carport)
  • Long camping trips
  • Frequenting areas with high humidity

Custom Printing And Branding

Take your marquee to the next level with the addition of some custom branding for your business, club, school, or organisation.

We use dye sublimated printing to ensure you get the best possible life out of your custom design. Our in-house design team can work with you to create something unique; they can also work with your professional designers by providing all the necessary specs.

Printing doesn't happen overnight, so allow enough time to prepare your artwork, plus 2-3 weeks manufacturing time AND a few days for delivery (depending on your location).

If you are after a custom package or custom printing, check out the Printed Marquees section of our store.



How do I know what series frame is right for me?

It all comes down to how you are using the marquee. We can only recommend which marquee is right for you based on what you tell us, so it's good to think ahead and pre-empt how much your marquee will be used, as well as where you are using it, and what weather conditions you will potentially face. Spending a little more now on the right frame can mean saving more money in future. Have a look at our available frame options listed above. If you are still unsure, our friendly team can help point you in the right direction.

Are some colours better than others for shade?

Yes, definitely. Contrary to common belief, darker colours are best for shade (i.e. black and navy). This is because they absorb more light, meaning less heat inside your marquee. Darker fabrics do however fade quicker compared to lighter colours, so it is important to weigh up whether aesthetic or comfort is more important to you. Bright colours such as red and yellow can also reflect colour inside your marquee, so it is something to keep in mind if you are using your marquee to sell stock.

How do I get the best life out of my marquee?

Our marquees have the potential to last years and years. We have people still using our marquees from when we first opened nearly 20 years ago! The secret is to take care of your marquee and treat it like valuable equipment. Some important tips:

  1. Install the marquee as per our instructions. Ensure the roof is properly secure and taut.
  2. Use leg weights. Sometimes one set of 15kg iron weights is not enough, it all depends on the weather conditions of the day.
  3. Don't use excessive force. Avoid stepping on foot plates, yanking pull pins too hard, forcing the frame open/closed. Find where the source of resistance is and work back from there.
  4. Secure your marquee during transport. Ensure nothing is sliding into your marquee or vice versa.
  5. Don't drag any part of the marquee along the ground. If the roof, sides, or carry bags are dragged, it will wear the fabric much quicker.
  6. For polyester tops, leave these on the frame when packing down. Not only is it more convenient, it actually lasts longer compared to constantly taking it off and on.
  7. Don't leave your marquee unattended. From freak storms/wind gusts, to vandalism, theft, and unexplained damage, there are just too many risks that end up costing you.
  8. Don't fold your marquee away when wet or damp, it needs to dry out properly to avoid mould.

Do you sell replacement parts?

Yes absolutely. You can view our range of replacement parts here and purchase them directly. Please make sure you know what size and model marquee you have. If you are unsure, check your original invoice, or contact us and we can confirm with you.

Do you make custom size marquees?

No, we do not specialise in custom size marquees.

Do you offer marquee repairs?

Yes we can offer marquee repairs for damaged Canopy Outdoor marquees, pick up/drop off from our Bayswater (VIC) warehouse only. Nearly all parts are straightforward and cost effective to replace. We provide detailed instructions for replacing all of our spare parts, but if you are unsure on anything, please contact us as we will be more than happy to assist.

Additional information

Weight 80 kg
Marquee Size

3m x 6m


18 square metres

Maximum Seated

32 people

Maximum Standing

36 people

Frame Model

Weekender (30 series), Expedition (45 series), Circulex

Fabric Type

300GSM / 500D PVC Backed Polyester, 580GSM 100% PVC Vinyl


Black, Green, Navy, Red, White, Yellow, On Order Colours Available

Kit Inclusions

Carry Bag, Pegs, Ropes

Expected Lifespan

~1000 hours



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